Episode 29 – Lawrence Kole

Lawrence Kole from The Lippies of Grand Rapids stops by to talk about the band, the Grand Rapids scene and rough road trip routing. Be sure to check out The Lippies EP on Bandcamp.

The Lippies will be playing both BREAK:HUNGER shows in Chicago and Detroit. More announcements on that that soon. Please follow the BREAK:HUNGER Facebook and twitter accounts. If you want to participate in the October 17th volunteer day at Lakeview Pantry, please send an email to breakhungernow@gmail.com.

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Episode 28 – Aaron Vaughn

Aaron Vaughn stopped by to talk Braver Days and OC45, switching to the drums, and trouble with criminal records and getting into Canada. Pete also stopped by for this one.

OC45 is on the road right now, be sure to keep up with the latest at their Facebook page.

The Mizzerables are playing at LiveWire on August 23rd. We are almost done with this new EP and should have news on the full album soon!

Episode 24 – Mass Giorgini

1511915_10103197645968778_22548412_nI went down to Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, Indiana to hang out with Mass Giorgini. Mass and I played in Common Rider together. We talked about how the studio started, his history in music, and how it came about that he did a TED talk.

The new Mizzerables record is now “in progress!” We have tracked all the drums and a little bass for the record. I’ll post more updates at our website and on Facebook. Oh and that twitter thing @themizzi.

Episode 20 – John Polydoros

johnpolydorosJohn Polydoros stops by to chat about Vacation Bible School, Off With Their Heads, and playing the hired gun from time to time.

TWITTER!!! follow me! @themizzi. Dave and I are done with about 7 or 8 tracks of drums for the new record, so it’s coming along really well so far. We put out a new Undercover Series track last week… Rave On by Buddy Holly. More coming soon! August 22 we are playing at Reggie’s with Amino Acids! They are from the D. Stoked! Stay up to date with the latest at the band’s website.

Episode 16 – Jesse Michaels

photo-4I haven’t seen Jesse in over 10 years, so I was stoked that when I went out to LA I had some time to sit down with him. We had a great chat about what he’s been up to lately and touch on his music as well.

Be sure to check out Jesse’s new novel, Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster. You can purchase it on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. I’m reading it now, and I’ll post or talk about my thoughts on it when I’m done. You can also check out Jesse’s art on his portfolio site.

Follow me on twitter at @themizzi. The Mizzerables have some road dates we should be announcing by the end of this week. Check out our Facebook page or our website for the latest.

Episode 15 – Masked Intruder

Masked_Intruder_PryjobMasked Intruder was in town recording a new album at Atlas Studios with Matt Allison. They sat down with me for a very respectful discussion about their struggles for love from the ladies and acceptance of their daytime jobs. This… was a weird one.

If you haven’t yet, follow me on twitter at @themizzi. The Mizzerables is going on the road in March. Details coming soon. I’m off to LA next week… maybe I’ll like it there this time around since I’m going with someone who knows the lay of the land. We’ll see…

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Episode 13 – Jason Navarro and Kyle Green

BreakAnchorPromo_1On a cold, snowy night in Metro Detroit, I sat down with Jason Navarro and Kyle Green from Break Anchor at Kyle’s place. We chat about recording at the same studio as ICP and Kid Rock, bed bugs and Detroit Hardcore, with a cameo appearance by Kyle’s crazy cat.

Check out some Break Anchor tunes below. Head here and here to grab some records.

I’m trying to listen to a new album every day… If you look up top, you can click “Daily Album” to see what I’ve been listening to. Send me some stuff to listen to!

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Episode 11 – Daryl Wilson

2013-11-14 13.41.17A great follow up to last week’s episode, Daryl Wilson from The Bollweevils stopped by. The Bollweevils will be playing with 88 Fingers Louie on December 21st here in Chicago. Daryl and I ramble on about the band’s history, being a physician, family man, and musician, and about Natalie Portman’s Areolas…

Have you checked out The Mizzerables Undercover series? It’s a ton of fun. We have a doozy coming at you next week, so check it out. Also, follow me on twitter. I’m getting into it a bit.

Episode 10 – Denis Buckley

Denis Buckley88 Fingers Louie is doing a reunion show in December after a long hiatus. Denis Buckley stopped by to chat about the history of the band, the reunion, and how I once confused him for a 6.5 foot tall black man…

I finished the half marathon. It was a weird week. The Mizzerables weekend was fun and we broke in Becky our Bus. That’s all I’ve got for now.

Next week, we will be releasing the third in The Mizzerables Undercover series. Be sure to check it out all the releases at the bandcamp page and follow me on twitter at @themizzi for all the latest updates.

Episode 9 – Bob Nanna

bob nannaBob Nanna from Braid is on the show today. Had a great chat about how the Braid got started, discovering music, and a project of his called downwrite.com.

The 1/2 marathon is next week in Vegas. Hoping to beat 11 minute miles, which is a bit slower than I’ve done in the past, but I think about right for this time around. After that, the Mizzerables will be in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Thurs Nov 21 at Brass Rail, Indianapolis, IN on Fri Nov 22 at 5th Quarter Bar, and PJs Lager House in Detroit, MI on Sun Nov 24.

Next week, we will be releasing the second in The Mizzerables Undercover series. Be sure to check it out all the releases at the bandcamp page and follow me on twitter at @themizzi for all the latest updates.

Episode 1 – Dan Vapid

danvapidHere’s the first show! Dan Vapid is my guest and we chatted about his metal roots and how it led to punk rock, his vast history of bands, and what’s going on with Dan Vapid and The Cheats.

Be sure to get your tickets to Whoapocalypse 2013 in advance! You can grab them at http://whoapocalypse2013.eventbrite.com. You can stay up to date with me on twitter at @themizzi, and you can stay up to date with The Mizzerables at http://themizzerables.com.

This episode’s transition and closing track is Tube Sock by The Hung Ups. Music from all of the episodes including other tracks I come across via the music submissions up top will be available for streaming and download at http://whoacast.bandcamp.com.

Episode 27 – Bottle Kids

Chris and Korey from Bottle Kids stopped by to talk about their recent trip to Pouzza Fest, the woes of internet culture, and the disgusting drink that is Malort. You can here their track “Worst Case Ontario” at the end of the episode. Check out the full EP below.

The Mizzerables have a show on Thursday, July 16th at Fizz in Chicago. Check out the details on the Facebook event.

Episode 26 – This Obsession

This Obsession have a new album out title Cheers to Regret. Mark and Jon stopped by by to chat about fears of flying, comic book movies, and even a bit about the band! You can check out the stream of the new album below.

The Mizzerables new album is done! Mastered and all! But we have no idea when it’s coming out yet! Exciting fail! We are playing June 22nd at Liar’s Club for their 20th Anniversary. It will be a party.

High blood pressure

Well, my blood pressure is high, has been for a while, but now it’s starting to have some very ill effects. Fatigue is persistent, weird vision issues, just a general sense of “things are not OK.” I do all the bad things… I drink coffee, I drink booze, I eat a lot of salt, pretty much everything you shouldn’t do to keep your blood pressure down. I don’t recommend it. But, I’ve been working out, I’ve added weights back to my routine, because running in the winter in this bitterly cold bitch of a city just didn’t work. Running inside is no fun. I’m also cutting back on the booze and coffee (I was at about 4 cups a day, I’m down to 1), and eating a healthier diet. Let’s hope it sticks, that’s definitely the hardest part. If it doesn’t, well I’m going to be a 35 year old on blood pressure meds with no good excuse as to why.

One piece of good news tech wise… looks like I’m going to be working with a company who I can’t mention, but they are a rad gaming company, and if history is any evidence… they like to bring their developers out to their California offices. So hopefully I get to see The Golden soon. Until then, I’m definitely looking forwarding to working more from my laptop outdoors.

This month is shaping up nice for the band. We have four shows coming up.

5/24 @ Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
5/29 @ Skeletunes – Fort Wayne, IN
5/30 @ The Free Clinic – Kalamazoo, MI
5/31 @ The Rockery – Wyandotte, MI

We are also finishing up the mastering process on the record, and hopefully at some point in the near future we will have some announcements in that regard. As well, we are recording a self-produced EP. Guitars for that are happening tonight.

Episode 25 – Dan Alfonsi

Dan from Still Alive came by to talk about their new album, staying sane in the political spectrum, and living in the Midwest. Still Alive is a super kick ass band and you check out a bunch of their tunes on their bandcamp page.

The Mizzerables are playing with Still Alive as well as We are the Union and GUSH at Beat Kitchen on May 24th. You can purchase tickets at Ticketfly.

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Episode 23 – Kendra Sheetz

2014-09-09 18.52.27Kendra Sheetz from For the Love of Punk stops by to talk about writing about music, Chicago bands and Chicago drinking. Be sure to check out her writing at For the Love of Punk!.

The Mizzerables begin recording the next record… well we begin recording the bulk of the album on October 5th. It will probably take till late November to track the record. So a bit longer than originally planned, but we are stoked to be working with Jeff Dean at Million Yen. We are also looking for a new guitarist… email us at themizzerables [at] gmail.com if you are interested!

Any budding recording engineers out there looking for a project… I’m looking for someone to help me mix/master the podcast. Let me know if you are interested and let’s see what we can work out! Email me at whoacast [at] gmail.com!

Episode 22 – Stefania Rudd

stefaniaAs I’ve mentioned many times before on the podcast… I love comedy! It’s not a world I’m a part of though. Thankfully, I met Stefania a few years back through a friend, and that’s a world she is part of. We talk about her own podcast called “Your Chicago”, getting a show at Second City, and her foray into the standup scene.

TWITTER!!! follow me! @themizzi. Still working on the new record. Had some buddies from Detroit come out to do an Undercover track. August 22 we are playing at Reggie’s with Amino Acids! They are from the D. Stoked! Stay up to date with the latest at the band’s website.

Episode 21 – Bobby Miller

bobbyBobby Miller stopped by the studio on a loud day! Apologies in advance for the audio problems on this episode. Seems everything stacked up for this one… loud DJs, crashing computers, missing mic cables… This is episode is a longer one. Bobby and I share some stories about writing, playing shows and touring. Great chat and hope you enjoy!

TWITTER!!! follow me! @themizzi. Still working on the new record. Had some buddies from Detroit come out to do an Undercover track. August 22 we are playing at Reggie’s with Amino Acids! They are from the D. Stoked! Stay up to date with the latest at the band’s website.